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I know you have a story to be told. This is called empowerment. We take something very dark and transform it into something that can give hope. From taking your first walk, to learning to speak again, dressing yourself, etc., tell the world about it! Others are waiting for your story to be told. Please use the Contact Us form!


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2020 Sponsored Athletes!

Gwen Myslinski: stroke survivor and triathlete! John Lummis: stroke survivor and runner! Denae DuCharme: stroke survivor and bowler! Know someone who would like be a sponsored athlete?  Write to for more information!  No, you don't have to be world class.  Yes, you have to a stroke survivor! If this blogs touches you, won't to please consider to make a donation to Stroke Survivors CAN!, a nonprofit devoted to helping stroke survivors find hope and empowerment.  Your contribution helps this ...
Gwen Myslinski

Gwen Myslinski-Finding the will, then a way!

Prior to February 24, 2012 if you were going to pick someone who appeared least likely to be a candidate for a stroke Gwen Myslinski would have been a very good pick. A lifetime of sports and high level athletic competition endowed her with strength, vigor, cardiovascular conditioning and health. Plus, Gwen had a wealth of knowledge on stroke prevention. She had taught women about stroke and heart disease risk factors in an outreach program. Her knowledge had actually saved ...
Tanya Fermin

Striking Back

By Tanya FerminLess than two years ago I was living my best life. I am a filmmaker/singer/actress and my first film was being shown at film festivals and was optioned to be shown on television-Nationwide! I am an advocate for teaching people to have the conversation about death, dying and end-of-life decision making. In addition, I had just finished filming the last scenes of my TV pilot. I had media outlets interviewing me about both projects. My oldest children (ages 6 and 7) were doing well in school, the baby (age 5) was getting ready to go to ...

Speaking at 2019 Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Conference in April

My first public speaking presentation. I was sooo nervous! I thought I was speaking fast but on review, I was talking fast for me, but not to others, no thanks to aphasia.  But aphasia or not, I’m ready to offer hope for stroke survivors!  Stroke Survivors CAN! The first half of the presentation was cut off. I would love to speak to your group or function! Boise, ID, USA

Living Beyond Yourself

I used to spend my days before stroke involved with a very rewarding career through my psychotherapy practice and playing an electric bass in a band. In my spare time, I spent time with family, friends, reading, church, and what not. I would say I had a very rewarding and rich life.  And then, without warning, a stroke hit me in January 2012. Surviving a stroke comes with options. I could spend my day frittering away watching TV, playing online ...

Shaheem Ibrahim: fight for survival!

Looks can be deceiving. Two years ago, Shaheem Ibrahim looked like the picture of health. At 41 years of age he worked out regularly, as he had for the previous 13 years and was an avid soccer player. But strokes don’t care what you look like. Shaheem had a tiny clot that cut off the oxygen to the right side of his brain. When the stroke first occurred Shaheem didn’t realize his condition. His wife, a medical doctor, was the first to recognize the signs of a stroke. ...

Ironman 70.3 Coeur d’Alene (Idaho)

Ironman 70.3 Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) Recap Big shout out to all the challenged athletes who participated in a tough half Ironman!  They are strong and determined bunch; and to all who supported them!  I was fortunate enough to meet all them.  They each got their brave and courageous stories and I was so happy to participate with them. I would also like to mention Bruce, the friend I stayed with over in Spokane Washington.  I had met him in Kona, ...

Marc Frank: I feel lucky!

On October 20, 1977 Marc Frank, a road technician for the wildly popular Lynyrd Skynyrd Band, was traveling with the band to a gig in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Over a desolate stretch of southern Mississippi their plane lost power and plummeted into a heavily wooded swamp near the remote town of Gillsburg. Of the 26 crew and passengers on board 6 were killed and many were injured. Marc sustained serious injuries and endured a surreal experience in the early morning darkness miles from civilization followed by a difficult and painful extraction from the snake and ...

Stroke Survivors CAN! Web Store!!

We would like to announce our new store!  Zazzle made it possible to offer a web store whereby Stroke Survivors CAN carries no inventory, the buyer interacts with Zazzle directly, and new products are being added! All proceeds go directly to Stroke Survivors CAN!, whereby you support hope and empowerment to stroke survivors! Go here to access the store!

Another Honu Record-Ironman 70.3 Hawaii

Ironman 70.3 Hawaii (Honu) Recap It all started with sponsors and private donations allowing me go to Ironman 70.3 Hawaii.  Without them, Ironman 70.3 Hawaii would not have been a reality!  Thank you, sponsors! The Challenged Athletes Foundation gave me a grant for a cycling smarter trainer, allowing me to ride indoors. simulates hills and keeps track of my watts.  A big help in making me a more efficient and stronger cyclist.TurboMed Orthotics XTern for helping my foot drop.  With ...



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