Inspirational Stories

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I know you have a story to be told. This is called empowerment. We take something very dark and transform it into something that can give hope. From taking your first walk, to learning to speak again, dressing yourself, etc., tell the world about it! Others are waiting for your story to be told. Please use the Contact Us form!


Lemon to Lemonade

What are you having today, lemons or lemonade? Stroke survivors have clearly been burdened with bushels of lemons. When Neale Mahon received his shipment of

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Move It or Lose It!

  Strokes are not known for their subtleties. Nevertheless, on November 26, 2017 J. Neal Isaac got a subtle hint that his life was about to

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Brooke Allen

A red herring is a literary device that is sometimes used to draw an audience’s attention from the real plot by creating a distracting clue

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A Cause for Celebration

Strange how life can change.  Two weeks before the stroke, I was in Maui with my son, Stephen.  Less than one week before the stroke,

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Bill Proko: Take Charge!

He came at me while I was asleep. Only a coward goes after someone when they’re asleep. And make no mistake about it, the Angel

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