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I know you have a story to be told. This is called empowerment. We take something very dark and transform it into something that can give hope. From taking your first walk, to learning to speak again, dressing yourself, etc., tell the world about it! Others are waiting for your story to be told. Please use the Contact Us form!


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Another Honu Record-Ironman 70.3 Hawaii

Ironman 70.3 Hawaii (Honu) Recap It all started with sponsors and private donations allowing me go to Ironman 70.3 Hawaii.  Without them, Ironman 70.3 Hawaii would not have been a reality!  Thank you, sponsors! The Challenged Athletes Foundation gave me a grant for a cycling smarter trainer, allowing me to ride indoors. simulates hills and keeps track of my watts.  A big help in making me a more efficient and stronger cyclist.TurboMed Orthotics XTern for helping my foot drop.  With ...

John Lummis: Bring It On

Interview by John Lummis “Dad, I can’t understand you.” John Lummis was at work having a phone conversation with his son when he began having trouble moving his left arm and leg. Initially the arm numbness led him to think he was experiencing the first signs of a heart attack. But when he began having trouble with his speech he knew it was a stroke. Eleven years as a volunteer firefighter had taught him to think critically in emergency situations. ...

Spring Update

Wow, it’s Spring already and so much has happened!  I sponsored my first stroke survivor athlete, a bowler.  Stroke Survivors CAN!, as the budget grows, Stroke Survivors CAN! plans to sponsor many more athletes! My friend, Carl, is doing interviews be be featured on my blog!  If you desire to be interview, please get a hold of me at  Please note, it may take a while. Stroke Survivors CAN! has a web store through Zazzle, enabling to purchase of clothing ...

Living Beyond Yourself

I used to spend my days before stroke involved with a very rewarding career through my psychotherapy practice and playing an electric bass in a band. In my spare time, I spent time with family, friends, reading, church, and what not. I would say I had a very rewarding and rich life.  And then, without warning, a stroke hit me in January 2012. Surviving a stroke comes with options. I could spend my day frittering away watching TV, playing online ...
Tanya Fermin

Striking Back

By Tanya FerminLess than two years ago I was living my best life. I am a filmmaker/singer/actress and my first film was being shown at film festivals and was optioned to be shown on television-Nationwide! I am an advocate for teaching people to have the conversation about death, dying and end-of-life decision making. In addition, I had just finished filming the last scenes of my TV pilot. I had media outlets interviewing me about both projects. My oldest children (ages 6 and 7) were doing well in school, the baby (age 5) was getting ready to go to ...

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