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Making a Difference

We inspire to reconnect with life again.

Stroke Survivors Can... Make a difference in stroke survivors' lives!

We stroke survivors all share a story of turning tragedy into something that is life giving, from relearning the basic functions of life to participating in athletics and much more!

Stroke Survivors CAN!

Live a life filled with meaning and purpose!

Move from "just existing" to living life fully and passionately by learning to grieve the past and setting goals in this new found life!

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide hope and empowerment to all stroke survivors and to help stroke survivors regain the fullness of life while challenging the limitations that the stroke brought upon them, and by providing grants to stroke survivors desiring to get into noncontact sports. Stroke survivors can have a life filled with meaning and live life passionately!

Inspiring Stories

Inspirational stories of how other stroke survivors overcame tragedy by embracing the second (or more) chance of life! Here, you will find inspiring stories of learning to walk and speak, dressing themselves, all the way up to being able to participate in sports, and much more!

Kevin Rhinehart


Founder of Stroke Survivors CAN!

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