Mission & Vision

The mission of Stroke Survivors CAN! is to provide hope and empowerment to stroke survivors, and provide sponsorships to stroke survivors who are in noncontact athletics.


When a stroke hits, you are left shocked and totally unprepared for your new reality. It is overwhelming. This site, written by other stroke survivors, offers you hope. From a nonacademic perspective, they tell you that your life is not over, and there is much to life for.


Through stories that are told from other stroke survivors, they are empowered to help other stroke survivors live through an earth shattering diagnosis. All sorts of stories will be told, all with a courageous heart, from those just starting out to years of recovery.


Some stroke survivors chose to enter the world of athletics, when it’s a new endeavor or a continuation of athletics done pre-stroke. Sponsorships give money to stroke survivors to engage in training and events.

Our founder, Kevin Rhinehart, provides speaking opportunities covering:

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